Yahoo’s Brain Freeze

Will Yahoo go the way of

I’m a big fan of Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer. By all accounts her patient and thoughtful approach to turning around Yahoo has been stellar. So it’s really difficult to make sense of her recent edict banning Yahoo employees from working at home. The ban is really old school. It also shows that her faith in Yahoo’s staff has been shattered. But what is most troubling,

is what the ban says about Yahoo and Ms. Mayer’s ability to manage a knowledge based workforce. Google would have recognized this as an opportunity to create a new generation of collaborative software to address the three million US “Work at Home” employees or the 50 million US employees that either work one day a week from home or can work at home. Today’s mobile workforce is massive. Roughly 50% of the US workforce could work from home and in some professions, eg; sales, and software engineering the percentage is much higher.

How Ms. Mayer handles this brain freeze will in many ways predict whether Yahoo ends up like many forgotten dotcoms such as

For those of you who are interested in exploring the size of today’s mobile workforce and the challenges facing telework or work at home employees visit for the latest stats.

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