Will Tely Labs Kill Telepresence

Will Tely Labs Kill Telepresense Vendors

Walter Mossberg's Wall Street Journal review of Tely Labs', Skype based video conferencing device (http://online.wsj.com/article/0,,personal_technology,00.html) may very well signal the demise of high priced video conferencing offerings from vendors such as Polycom, Vidyo, and Cisco.

The reality is that a Skype connection, Tely's device ($249) and a 60" high def TV ($1,200) is all you need to connect two locations and create your own high quality telepresense experience. Once Tely decides to formally go after the enterprise market, the current vendors are going to have a hard time supporting their margins. Additionally, with quality, low cost, video conferencing endpoint hardware available, the market for multi-location bridging and related services with quickly be filled by SaaS based firms like Jell Networks. The introduction of Tely Lab's device has signaled a pivotal moment in the enterprise video conferencing and collaboration market.

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