The webRTC Tsunami is Coming


Within the next 18 months four major  tech industry innovations will converge to create a massive tsunami that will engulf traditional forms of real-time video communications.  This webRTC tsunami will reshape the telecommunications industry.  Firms that resist or fall off the wave will find it difficult to survive.   New firms that learn how to ride the wave will succeed and reap massive rewards.  The convergence of:

  • webRTC’s adoption by Microsoft (Internet Explorer) and Apple (Safari, IOS) in addition to existing adopters Google (Chrome), Mozilla (FireFox) and Opera will firmly establish webRTC as the prefered communications protocol.  Any web enabled device will be able to serve as a HD Video communications device.
  • Innovative UIs such as gesture control coupled with HTML5 will create a whole new feature set for video communications.
  • Major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services will easily provide a world-wide computing platform that deals with scale, and video bandwidth quality (speed and latency) therefore eliminating any special purpose hardware needed to support real-time video.
  • Manufacturers will embed HD webcams into HDTVs making them ideal video conferencing endpoints.

Why Adopt a webRTC Solution Today?

  • There is a REAL Need.  Existing technology isn’t getting it done.
  • Open Source.  WebRTC is provided under a lenient open source license.
  • Backers.  Google (Chrome) Mozilla (FireFox) and Ericsson.  Today over one billion devices natively support webRTC.
  • Integration.  WebRTC solutions focus on the user experience and can easily be integrated into existing customer facing applications.
  • Security.  WebRTC is secure.  Connections are encrypted end-to-end.
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