Scheduling a Video Chat With Joseph Karwat




You can reach me via video chat by following these instructions:

  1. You will need a free JustKnock account.  See for registration information.  But basically you’ll need a webcam equipped computing device running Chrome, FireFox or Opera.
  2. I maintain virtual office hours Monday thru Thursday from 10am to 3pm PST (San Francisco).  Just knock on my virtual door ( anytime during those hours.  I’ll be happy to discuss any topic you feel is relevant.  Please make sure you are clearly visible in the video frame.
  3. Note: When you go to my virtual office, my current status will be shown.
    • If I’m shown as being “Not Available” I’m either busy or away from my desk.  You have the option of leaving a browser tab camped out on my virtual office (I’ll be alerted to your presence) and I’ll initiate the video chat to you when I’m ready, or you can try again at a later time.  If you have my email address it’s a good idea to just send me an email with the approximate time you’ll be knocking.
    • If I am shown as being available, then just go ahead and knock.
  4. For all first contact situations, I prefer to use video chat.  After that phone is okay, but I’d rather use JustKnock.
  5. To view a 50 second slide show describing JustKnock and Jell’s business model click here.

JustKnock is an example of how Google’s webRTC framework is revolutionizing the real-time video communications market.  Consider using your free JustKnock account for all your high-value business meetings.

JustKnock Home Page

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