Trapped In Meetings

According to the Wall Street Journal, CEO's spend 40% of their time in meetings, phone calls, and conference calls. That's probably typical for most senior executives as well. So if you feel like you are tapped in a meeting all the time, here is how technology can help. Try switching to video conferencing for all your audio electronic communications. Use a service

that integrates call scheduling and viewing Powerpoint presentations in a persistent meeting room format. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how much time you'll save and how much more efficient your meetings become. By scheduling the calls ahead of time, all parties can more readily focus on the specific reason for the call. Powerpoint presentations can be prepared to make a point and present information. The persistent meeting room format allows you to go back and review prior discussions and easily reuse material. From an enterprise perspective, deploying a single video collaboration tool throughout your company has the added benefit of providing the ability to allocate staff meeting time and to identify thought leaders in your organization.

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