Jell Network's webRTC Plaform.  Audio, video, and data real-time communications.

Jell Network’s webRTC Plaform. Audio, video, and data real-time communications.

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webRTC is an open-source real time communications framework developed by Google.  It supports audio, video, and data communications. Currently, native browser support is included automatically in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.  Support for Safari and IE is enabled by a small one-time downloaded add-on.

Jell views webRTC as a highly disruptive technology that will rapidly dominate the world of video communications.  By embedding all the complicated communications aspects of developing audio and video applications in the browser, webRTC allows developers to focus on creating innovative end user experiences.

Jell’s development team is currently working on a number of innovative real-time video communications applications.  Our JellRTC core platform is configurable to meet any business need.

If you have a webRTC project, feel free to contact us to discuss your specific reqirements.

Google’s webRTC Tsunami

  • webRTC is rapidly altering the video real-time communications market.
  • Prior to Google’s introduction of webRTC two years ago, it was very hard to build real-time video calling solutions.
  • Existing solutions based on proprietary communications hardware or software will find it increasingly difficult to compete.
  • New firms with greater insight into a customer’s business process can now tailor the user experience to achieve outstanding results.
  • By 2015, webRTC will dominate the video calling market. All major browsers will seamlessly support WebRTC and all HDTVs will be shipped with embedded WIFI, webcam, and gesture sensors.

Why Adopt a WebRTC Solution

  • There is a REAL Need.  Existing technology isn’t getting it done.
  • Open Source.  WebRTC is provided under a lenient open source license.
  • Backers.  Google (Chrome) Mozilla (FireFox) and Ericsson.  Today over one billion devices natively support webRTC.
  • Integration.  WebRTC solutions focus on the user experience and can easily be integrated into existing customer facing applications.
  • Security.  WebRTC is secure.  Connections are encrypted end-to-end.

The JellRTC Platform

  • Scalable cloud infrastructure running on AWS
  • 100% webRTC architecture
  • Modular design using Java and Node.js
  • Provided as a customizable SaaS service
  • Secure