Complete OpenMeetings Hosting And Support

OpenMeetings is a leading video collaboration platform written in Java using the Red5 Media Server. As an open-source application, OpenMeetings can  be easily customized to reflect specific business processes and requirements.  

Jell Networks professional services staff is available to customize OpenMeetings or provide you with a managed hosting solution.  We specialize in hosting OpenMeetings in the cloud and have extensive experience working with cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services and PayPerCloud.


Custom Development
  • Create a custom instance of OpenMeetings to address a specific video conferencing business process or need.
  • Integrate OpenMeetings with, or any other business application.
  • Implement SSO, LDAP, SIP.
Managed Hosting
  • JellNet can host your own instance of OpenMeetings in a VPS environment highly optimized for video and audio applications
  • JellNet can manage all aspects of your video conferencing environment.
  • Eliminate user, usage, storage, per minute fees. You pay one monthly fee regardless of volume.
End User Support
  • Our trained technicians are available to support your staff's video conferencing needs.
  • Our remote technicians are available to monitor and assist during important video events.
  • Set-up remote endpoint video conferencing equipment.










Contact us to learn more about our OpenMeetings hosting services or how we can customize your instance of OpenMeetings.   We'll be pleased to provide you with a custom quote based on your needs.