Crowd Sourced Feedback Rates Your Social Business Interactions

JustKnock’s SIR module is a reputation management system designed to ensure each video chat results in a  positive and engaging result.  Registered users accumulate SIR points for every video chat completed.  A SIR score north of 500 indicates your interactions with other registered users are highly valued.  A SIR score of 1,000 means you’re ready to give TED talks!

Here Is How It Works:

  1. Each registered user starts out with 500 SIR points
  2. At the conclusion of a video chat the Host fills out a short survey rating the Caller
    • The Host receives 2 SIR points for completing the survey
    • The Caller receives -5 to +5 SIR points based on the Hosts survey responses
  3. The Caller’s SIR score is updated upon the completion of every 3rd survey to protect the anonymity of the Hosts’ ratings.
  4. SIR scores are publicly displayed on each registered user’s JustKnock virtual office page under the profile picture.

How To Use SIR Scores:

Think of SIR scores as a proxy for an individual’s online reputation.  This form of Social Gamification ensures that individuals conduct themselves responsibly and value each an every video chat conducted.  Individuals with SIR scores under 500 are probably individuals you wish to avoid.  Accepting calls from strangers who have SIR scores above 500 will most likely result in a positive experience.

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