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Make JustKnock your go to video chat service for all your “High-Value”  1on1 virtual meetings.

No credit card required.  No advertising.  Experience a Google webRTC  based virtual office with crystal clear audio,  immersive high definition video, and a synchronized Presentation Board to share your slide deck.  100% browser-based- no downloads.

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Here is how to get the most out of your JustKnock Account. You can also watch this short YouTube video, Creating and Configuring your JustKnock Virtual Office.

  1. DashBoard– Always be sure to keep your JustKnock dashboard open in an active browser window.
  2. Virtual Office URL– Publish your JustKnock Virtual Office url on outgoing emails, your website, and LinkedIn profile.
  3. Availability– Set your current availability status (0-10) correctly.
    • Zero, means your are not available to anyone.  Ten, means you are available to everyone.  For a non-registered user to initiate a video chat with you, your Availability must be set to 10.
    • Note: callers are automatically placed in your contact list once they have completed a video chat with you.   You can then assign them an availability setting.  Only contacts with an availability status lower than your current availability status see you as being available.
    • As your JustKnock contact list grows, assign each contact an availability setting based on groupings which are meaningful to you.  For example, family members could be assigned a value of 1, co-workers a value of 2…
  4. Video Equipment– Experiment with all the features such as full screen video (its an amazing experience using a large screen HDTV as a monitor) or setting your browser to full screen mode.  If you video chat often, especially from a home or office setting,  we recommend purchasing a Logitech BCC950.
  5.  Video Etiquette-  Prepare for your video chats by using the test mic and webcam functions.  Make sure the lighting and framing clearly shows your face.  Be prepared to load supporting documents to the ShareBoard for presentation.

The icons running down the left side of the screen control basic account features:

  1. Home– Clicking the Home icon resets your dashboard to its initial state.  All windows are put back to default parameters and the content of the SharBoard is cleared.  Its a good idea to reset your Dashboard after every video chat
  2.  Video Panel– You can toggle the visibility of the video panel anytime.  When visible, you can resize it by dragging the right bottom corner.  Note:
    • The video and audio control panel will appear in the header of the video panel once a call is started.
    • To mute your video or audio while in an active call, use the controls in the video panel header
    • When in an active call, clicking the full screen button in the header of the video panel, will only show the video panel and nothing else.
  3. ShareBoard– You can toggle the visibility of the ShareBoard anytime.  When visible, you can resize it by dragging the right bottom corner.
  4. Full Screen– When clicked during an active call, only the video panel and ShareBoard are shown.  The video panel will always be displayed in the foreground.
  5. Host Log– Shows your calling activity during this session.  It is cleared when you log off.
  6. Tools– This section opens a slider that lets you change your profile information
  7. Close/Open Tool Slider — For convenience this toggle lets you open and close the Tools slider.

Some notes on how the ShareBoard works:

  1. Resizing the ShareBoard by dragging the bottom right corner also causes the contents to fit the size of the ShareBoard.
  2. The ShareBoard can only be resized in a 16:9 ratio.
  3. You can load any PDF file or graphics image.  We do not recommend loading more than one PDF
  4. The ShareBoards of both the caller and the Host are synchronized and visible to each other.  User the pointer feature to emphasize a location on the ShreBoard.
  5. When one party opens the ShareBoard the other party’s ShareBoard is opened.
  6. Both parties have simultaneous control over the ShareBoard
  7. Switching to full screen using the left panel full screen option provides an amazing experience.
Defined Availability

Audience Defined Availability

As a registered user, you define your published Availability status by caller group.   For example;  Your co-workers can see you as being Available while everyone else sees you as being not Available.  Here is how its works:

  1. All callers are automatically assigned an availability number ranging from 1 -10.
  2. Callers who do not have a JustKnock account are assigned an Availability of 10.
  3. Registered JustKnock users are automatically placed in your contact list with a default Availability of 5.  You can then easily change a callers future Availability level anytime.  One tactic is to assign friend and family a level of one, your close business associates, a level of two, and so on.  If you want to take calls from non-registered JustKnock users, you need to set your Availability to 10.
  4. In your Dashboard, you set your desired availability level.  You can easily change it as often as you like.
  5. Only callers with an assigned Availability level less than or equal to your current Availability level are allowed to place a call to you.   That means if you do not wish to be disturbed by anyone, set your Availability level to Zero (0).  If you want anyone to be able to call you, then set your Availability level to 10.

There are two ways to establish a video chat connection.

  1. Caller goes to your JustKnock Virtual Office eg; and clicks “Knock”
  2. From your Dashboard open your Contact List and find the registered JustKnock users who are currently available to you.  This included those who are simply online and those that are camped out on your Virtual Office “Knock Page” waiting for you to call them.  Click the call button in your Contact List.
  3. Note:  You can send message to a registered user camped out in your Virtual Office via their Contact List entry.

JustKnock uses Google’s webRTC framework as the basis of its video chat technology. We currently support:

  1. Any device running the following browsers:
    • Chrome (preferred)
    • FireFox
    • Opera
    • IE with the Temasys webRTC Plugin (
  2. For Android based tablets and smartphones Opera seems to offer the best experience.
  3. For general office conference rooms we recommend using a large screen HDTV coupled with a USB Logitech BCC950 webcam.

If you have a question or need assistance please use our support center at