Advanced Video Collaboration for the Mobile Work Force

Your Virtual Office is Here!

Enjoy a really powerful, yet easy-to-use, business oriented video chat experience

Free Account Instructions:

  1. To register for a free account go to and click “Create Account”.   There are no fees, no advertising, and no credit card is required.  Just enjoy a really powerful yet easy-to-use business oriented video chat experience.
  2. Important. After you register, we will email you a confirmation.  You have to click on the link in the confirmation to activate your account.  Check your junk email folder if you do not see the confirmation in your inbox.
  3. Read the instructions below on how to configure and use JustKnock.
  4. Address any comments or support requests to

JustKnock™ is Jell’s first webRTC video collaboration service built entirely on our JellRTC platform.  We designed JustKnock to serve as a mobile professional’s virtual office.  Functioning just like a physical office, when someone “Knocks”, you can see who is behind the door and decide whether to speak with them right away or park them in your (virtual) waiting room.  With our Defined Availability feature, only certain people will know that you are “available”.

Here are just a few of its amazing features.

  • 100% browser based real-time video communications. (right now you need to use Chrome, FireFox, or Opera.  IE and Safari will be available soon)
  • No downloads
  • Crystal clear, echo free audio combined with HD video
  • Virtual Waiting Room–> see who is waiting to video chat with you
  • Defined Availability lets you decide in real-time who gets to see if you are online.  For example: Family and co-workers can Knock on your door, but the general public sees you as offline.
  • Integrated whiteboard allows you to share powerpoints, and other documents.
  • Easy—Really easy to use.

In the future we plan on adding a number of innovative features.  Enjoy!

Free Account

All  accounts are free.  No credit card is required.  And there is no advertising.  Just enjoy an amazing business video chat experience.

Each account entitles the user to a free virtual office and a custom  JustKnock  URL.  To register just go to

Known Issues

We are always looking for feedback on making JustKnock better.  Below are the currently identified issues we are working on.  If you would like to update the list or provide us any feedback please do so at our customer support center

  1. The number of people in a meeting at one time is limited to two.  In the near future we will enable multi-party video chats.
  2. The WhiteBoard only supports PDF files and graphic files png, tiff, jpg.

Below are a few helpful items to remember when using JustKnock:

  1. Use Chrome, FireFox or Opera.  All are compatible with JustKnock.  If experience with FireFox or Opera, try using Chrome.
  2. WebCam.  If your computer is having difficulty finding the webcam or speakers then look for the video icon to right of the URL window in Chrome.  When you click it you will be able to select which webcam and speakers to use.
  3. Pinning a Tab. If you are waiting to receive a call, Jell recommends you “PIN” in a browser window.  That way you will not accidently exit JustKnock by closing its browser window.  A great Chrome extension to manage this is “Truely Pinned Tabs”.
How It Works

Here is how to set-up your virtual office and get the most out of JustKnock.

  1. When you register you define your unique JustKnock handle (eg; jk_handle)
  2. Your virtual office’s address is then
  3. You login at  On your Dashboard you can set your current Availability Level (0 – 10) with zero implying you are not available to anyone and 10 implying you are available to everyone.  Note: For a non registered user to call you, your Availability setting needs to be set to 10.
  4. The first time someone “Knocks” on your virtual door, they are automatically added to your JustKnock contact list with an Availability Level of 5. You can change it anytime you want.
  5.  When someone wishes to video chat with you, they go to your virtual office address.  If your current Availability Level is greater than their assigned availability level, then they can Knock on your door.  Otherwise they will see you as offline.  Hint.  Start by giving family members an Availability of 1 and co-workers and Availability Level of 2.  Setting your Availability level to 2 will then screen out everyone except family and co-workers.
  6. From your Dashboard, open your Contact List.  You can see who is in your virtual Waiting Room.
  7. Contacts highlighted in amber are currently online.  Just click on the contact to be taken to their Virtual Wating Room.