Complete Jitsi Cloud Hosting

Jitsi is an advanced Java based, open-source  real-time video communications platform that is webRTC compatible. It can be used to develop customized video chat, video streaming, enterprise collaboration, and IOT applications.

Managed Services

Jell provides a complete set of managed services options.  Contact us to discuss which option is best for you:

    • Hosting of your own Jitsi server
    • Running your Jitsi application on Jell’s JellRTC platform
    • Customizing Jitsi to meet your use case

Proprietary Add-on Applications

Jell has developed a number of applications to enhance Jitsi’s feature set:

    • Full Mobile Support-  We fully support both Android and IOS devices via proprietary native apps.
    • Admin Dashboard- As a browser based add-on this application provides critical admin control and insight into your Jitsi environment.

Contact Jell to discuss how to use Jitsi to meet your organization’s real-time video communications requirements.