Jell Network's video collaboration service can be used to improve the productivity of any general business meeting.  In addition, for specific types of meetings we offer a customizable feature set which addresses the unique character of the meeting.  Please contact us to discuss any unique video meeting requirements you might have.

  1. Board of Directors Meetings
  2. Shareholder Meetings
  3. Recurring Project or Staff Meetings
  4. Corporate Training
  5. Video Depositions (legal)
  6. Morbidity and Mortality Meetings (healthcare)

Meetings which exhibit the following characteristics are especially suited for our service.

  • Recurring Meetings
  • Attendees or Presenters are routinely in more than one location
  • Require or follow a specific format
  • Require minutes with subsequent distribution of said minutes
  • Require formal documentation as to attendees, presenters, decisions, and content.
  • Require a historical record