Running a Virtual Company

The last company I worked for had staff in four cities.  It was a tech company and everyone worked odd hours.  Getting together in the same room was impossible.  At first our weekly "all hands on deck" staff meetings were completely chaotic.  Conducting an audio conference with 10 attendees and five presenters was just an awful experience.  We then  tried

adding video conferencing to the mix, and much to my surprise, the meetings actually started working.  But we still had issues wit the number of moving parts.  Keeping track of the agenda, speaking times, excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentations, task follow-up…all seemed to be a bit more difficult to deal with in a distributed work setting.  When we added collaboration tools to help it got even more complex.

Our weekly staff meetings turned out to be successful.  But we all knew that technology still needed to catch-up a bit to adequately allow us to work in a distributed fashion.

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