Active Video Session Pricing Enables Instant Enterprise-Wide Deployment

Pricing for our JellRTC SaaS platform is based on the number of concurrent active video sessions a customer reserves and the amount of storage used.   There are no per meeting,  per user, or bandwidth fees.

A video session is defined as one video endpoint (PC, Smartphone, or Tablet) actively engaged in transmitting or receiving video.

The minimum monthly fee is $20 and includes 10 concurrent active video sessions and 1 gigabyte of data storage.

Each additional concurrent video session is $2.50 per month.  Each additional gigabyte of data storage  is $5 per month.


A company determines that at any moment in time the maximum number of people actively engaged in active video sessions is 200 (webinars, virtual meetings, customer support sessions…). The company estimates that 10 gigabytes of data storage (for powerpoint presentations, PDFs…) is sufficient for their needs.  The fixed monthly fee is $510.00 for the entire company.

Additional Services

Service Implementation Monthly Fee
Email Support Help Desk N/A Free
Live Remote Tech Support N/A $35 hour, billed in 15 minute increments
Single Sign-on $995 $50
LDAP Integration $995 $50
Custom Development N/A

$125 per hour without a service plan

$60 per hour with a service plan

OpenMeetings Cloud Hosting Based on Specifications Starting at $250 per Instance
Jitsi Cloud Hosting Based on Specifications Starting at $250 per Instance