Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam – Desktop Video Conferencing Takes a Major Leap Forward

Desktop Video Conferencing Takes a Major Leap Forward

I just purchased a Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam to see how it works with JellVideo. I have to admit the initial results are impressive. Great audio and video coupled with some very high end features for under $200 at Amazon. This device

is a must buy for any executive working out of a home office or for a business looking for a cost-effective solution to adding video conferencing to existing meeting rooms.  The hands free audio works well and the remote control is a neat feature.  I did encounter a few annoying issues.  I can't get the "Follow My Face" feature working just yet, and while I can mute the audio, there is no equivalent  "pause video" button.   

Overall, I'd recommend the product to anyone who uses desktop video on a routine basis.  It just solves a number of problems associated with internet video and audio communications.  Anyone interested in a demo should leave a comment on this post. I'll send you a link where you can see the webcam in action.

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