Implementing a Video Chat System for Your Customer Success Team


Make Each Customer Interaction Matter

Empowering a customer success team with an integrated video chat capability is a terrific way to generate customer loyalty while improving overall staff productivity.  Video chat adds the human element to customer interactions.  It makes customers feel that your company values their relationship by giving them the undivided attention of a member of your staff.  It also makes customer interactions much more transparent by enabling customers and staff to establish a personal relationship in a way that text or audio simply can’t.  Here are a few of the ways Video Chat excels:

  • Overcoming Language Barriers- One can instantly see if a term that was used is confusing to the other party.
  • Undivided Attention- Staff can focus on one customer at a time and can easily bill or assign their time to a specific customer.  Customers tend to take video chat calls much more seriously which reduces unproductive customer interactions.
  • Staff Productivity- Video chat makes the customer real in the mind of your staff.  Customers stop being indistinguishable cogs and are instantly transformed into people that need assistance.
  • Work Anywhere- Your company will be able to provide a high degree of personalized customer attention regardless of where your staff is working.

Implementing a video chat capability for your customer success team is relatively easy using Jell’s SaaS platform.  Here are a few items you’ll need to consider:

  • Staff Training-  You will probably want to orient your staff to a real-time video communications world.  They’ll need to make sure lighting and other environmental conditions are appropriately configured for video.
  • Infrastructure- Make sure your staff has adequate bandwidth from the locations they will be working from.
  • Equipment- Make sure their computing devices have high-def webcams and terrific hands free audio capabilities.  A number of inexpensive external USB webcams are available in case your staff’s equipment is not up to the task.
  • Business Process- Specifying the exact business process your video chat system will use is essential.  Here are a few items to consider when designing your company’s video chat business process:
    • Video Chat Call Set-up Method:
      • Individual Virtual Offices.  Each team member gets his own video chat landing page.  See www.JustKnock/jk for an example.
      • Customer Success Team Page.  Essentially one page that shows all customer success team members and their current status.  You can choose to only show those that are currently available or all team members.
      • Video Chat Request Page.  Similar to the team page but just shows the estimated time before a team member is available.  Jell’s system can then ring each team available member in a sequence or ring all available team members and connect the call to the first team member that answers.
    • Customer Feedback Surveys-  Upon the conclusion of a video chat Jell can present a quick survey to the customer asking key questions about the services provided your staff.
    • CRM Integration- Odds are your company uses some form of CRM system like SalesForce. You will need to specify what information (eg; elapsed call time) you wish pushed to your CRM system.

Give Jell a call to discuss your specific business needs for adding a video chat communications channel for all your company’s customer interactions.

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