A Few of Our Valued Customers


PayPerCloud is a full service cloud hosting and technology services company providing secure IaaS and SaaS solutions. We specialize in creating High Availability Cloud Hosting Infrastructure deployed in a Hyper-V cloud architecture and extending Cloud Enabled Software Applications including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and CRM to companies that need enterprise level infrastructure and stability without enterprise level costs.

TradeShow Advertiser

TradeShowAdvertiser provides the definitive searchable web database for all business events in both the virtual and physical worlds.  Looking for a webinar or trade show to attend, just visit www.tradeshowadvertiser.com

DayJet Technologies

DayJet Technologies is a global provider of revolutionary software-driven optimization solutions to industries that operate in a highly complex, constantly changing environment either by design or due to continuous disruptions – industries such as aviation, logistics, and energy, to name a few. The DayJet differentiator is the ability to optimize large scale resources in real-time, generating significant increases in productivity and decreases in operating costs.


iCollaborate.com — Virtual Whiteboard and Web Conferencing Solution for Professionals and Educators