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Yahoo’s Brain Freeze

Will Yahoo go the way of MySpace.com I’m a big fan of Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer. By all accounts her patient and thoughtful approach to turning around Yahoo has been stellar. So it’s really difficult to make sense of her recent edict banning Yahoo employees from working at home. The ban is really old school. […]

Managing Video Chat Audio Quality- Acoustic Echo

Managing Video Chat Audio Quality– Acoustic Echo There are a number of device (microphone/speaker) issues that can affect audio quality when video chatting in a “Hands-Free” mode.  The most common problem is Acoustic Echo.   To diagnose and fix your specific causes Jell suggests you try the following: First, determine who in the meeting is CAUSING […]

Meet Jell’s New Cloud Hosting Provider

Jell Selects PayPerCloud.com Video conferencing is a demanding application.  It requires a host that can provide lots of  low latency bandwidth coupled with elastic processing power.  In addition customer support, security and 24×7 uptime are essential.  

Social Enterprise Management

Creating a productive virtual office environment for work-anywhere employees is a difficult task. How does one begin to replicate all the social interactions and team building events that fosters corporate loyalty in a virtual setting? Fortunately, there are a number of new age techniques and tools that can help. On the horizon in the notion […]

Trapped In Meetings

According to the Wall Street Journal, CEO's spend 40% of their time in meetings, phone calls, and conference calls. That's probably typical for most senior executives as well. So if you feel like you are tapped in a meeting all the time, here is how technology can help. Try switching to video conferencing for all […]

Will Tely Labs Kill Telepresence

Will Tely Labs Kill Telepresense Vendors Walter Mossberg's Wall Street Journal review of Tely Labs', Skype based video conferencing device (http://online.wsj.com/article/0,,personal_technology,00.html) may very well signal the demise of high priced video conferencing offerings from vendors such as Polycom, Vidyo, and Cisco.

Chairing Productive Virtual Meetings

Virtual collaboration via online video conferencing is becoming the de facto standard in running enterprise projects and teams. As the project manager, team leader, or meeting chairperson, the keys to your success are in ensuring all participants consistently experience a rewarding and productive virtual meeting. Use the following six step guide to ensure your virtual […]

Top Enterprise Video Conferencing Services

I've been experimenting with a number of SAAS enterprise video conferencing services and have compiled the list below. These firms seem to be focusing on providing business class video conferencing/collaboration services. All the services are quite different in features, performance, ease-of-use, capabilities, and user interfaces. Some items to consider

Test Your Video Chat Set-up

I just installed a Logitech C910 camera on my Intel i5 laptop.  To test your desk top video set-up, via a video collaboration call using JellVideo, just

Running a Virtual Company

The last company I worked for had staff in four cities.  It was a tech company and everyone worked odd hours.  Getting together in the same room was impossible.  At first our weekly "all hands on deck" staff meetings were completely chaotic.  Conducting an audio conference with 10 attendees and five presenters was just an […]

TelePresence For Everyday Business

With Polycom and Cisco in a dead heat pushing pricey telepresence rooms, the use of video conferencing for everyday business is about to  surge.  And it's not just about reducing travel expenses.  It's also about increasing staff effectiveness and staff efficiency.

The Problem With Online Meetings

If you have ever tried to chair (or were a participant in) a distributed virtual meeting with more than two attendees you have experienced the problem.  Regardless of whether the meetings are solely audio or include a video stream, they are hard to follow, difficult to lead, and impossible to manage corporate-wide. 

Mobile Workforce Growth Factors

Why More People are Working From Home Most industry articles focusing on today's mobile workforce tend to conclude that the primary reasons for its exponential growth are related to convenience.  Commute distances and family flexibility are often cited.  But the real reason lies with enabling technology.  It’s always been more convenient to work at home.  What's really […]

Video Collaboration’s Transformation

Video Collaboration Addresses the Needs of Today's Mobile Workforce The transformation of video communication into the preferred method of conducting b2b interactions is well underway. As enterprises and small companies have become increasingly dependent on a mobile workforce, they have implemented tools that maximize the value of geographically dispersed talent, resources, and experiences. These firms […]

Are your online meetings productive

This blog explores the role of virtual or online meetings in corporate america. We are interested in hearing about your experiences using audio or video conferencing tools to run a distributed work group.